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Vintage meets modern

NixC is a project where I wanted to show the way to connect two opposite designs. Old fashioned tube displays coupled with classic hand woodwork and modern technology is what represents NixC.

Old but new

NixC is a clock built with tube lamps but electronics closed inside give it a new outlook. It has never been easier to control a device. With a phone, you can remotely set the time, change the colour, backlight effect or enable sleep mode to save tubes’ lifetime.

The backlight of the tubes can be changed accordingly to your needs. You can set one colour to be displayed all the time, turn on transitions or completely switch it off to enjoy a pure design of tube lamps.


Due to its classic design, NixC will fit almost any interior style. Natural oak wood, glass tubes and colour adjustment make it extremely versatile.

Getting the shape

I worked on different designs to get great final one. It was an amazing experience working with different materials and techniques. During a software design process, I faced a few obstacles which helped me to learn a lot about coding and controlling the electronics.